Inerjys invests in both clean technologies and projects, thereby bridging the gap between renewable energy technologies and market commercialization.


Inerjys strategically invests in technology companies across six focus areas:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro 2.0 (waves, tides and rivers)
  • Biomass energy
  • Energy storage
  • Smart grid and T&D technologies

We look for companies that are commercial, or close to commercialization, with a strong management team, proprietary technology or service, and that address a significant market opportunity.

Inerjys acts as a strategic investor, providing added value beyond growth capital to its portfolio companies: we develop projects to incorporate technologies from our portfolio, thus helping companies with their go-to-market.


Inerjys builds renewable energy projects in several ways:

  • Through Inerjys Renewables, our wholly owned internal project development firm
  • Through a selected number of partner project development firms
  • Through debt project financing

The projects Inerjys develop help to deploy technologies from our portfolio.

We are particularly interested in the following project categories:

  1. Solar, wind and biomass energy in developed and emerging markets. Projects being developed in environments with favorable resources and government incentives.
  2. Northern and offshore wind where winds are more powerful, and turbines can be built larger.
  3. Hydro 2.0: waves, tides and rivers. Technologies that harnesses the power of water, from waves, tides, or rivers. Inerjys Ventures is helping to commercialize these ideas and build projects with them.
  4. Remote locations. Cell towers in Southeast Asia and remote communities in northern Canada have one thing in common: they are powered by diesel generators. Integrating various renewable technologies can provide an economically and environmentally sustainable solution.

If you're an entrepreneur and think Inerjys is a good fit with your company, we invite you to apply for funding.